5 Ways to Practice Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” Brian Tracy

Are you afraid of doing new things? Early in my career, I was asked to speak to a small group of people. I was petrified to talk to more than one person at a time. What would they think of me?

I agreed to introduce someone who would present the material. Each opportunity to speak I would talk a little longer until finally, I was presenting to large groups for one-day training. If I had never agreed to take that small step I might never have done the large presentations. Now I love giving live presentations.

All of us have something that we don’t like to do or are afraid of doing that is holding us back. My coaching clients are always saying they can’t get new leads because: “I don’t feel comfortable calling them,” ” what if they don’t want my services,” ” I don’t know how to make a landing page,” or ” I have never been good at that.” To grow personally and in your business, you need to practice getting out of your comfort zone. Try new things. Learn how to do something you have never done before. Here are 5 ways to practice getting uncomfortable. If you practice being uncomfortable, then you will begin to be comfortable with the feeling of being uncomfortable.

Go Ziplining

I love to go on roller coasters and will go over and over again. But I am terrified of having my feet dangle on the Ferris wheel or walking on a metal platform that you can see all the way to the ground. My kids wanted to go zip-lining and asked me to go along. I figured the zip-line would have a similar feel of the roller coaster, so I was game. What I didn’t count on was the rope bridge you had to walk on between the zip lines.  The rope bridge appeared halfway through the course so there was no turning back. I was petrified! I kept telling myself that it was a great lesson in overcoming fear.

Ask for a discount

My daughter-in-law is the best at getting a discount. I am always amazed how she can get a bargain. The difference between her and me is that she asks for the discount. She doesn’t always get one, but she gets one more than I do. You won’t get on if you don’t ask.

Tell someone about your business

How many of your friends know about your business? You most likely are keeping it a secret because you don’t what to hear their opinion or you are afraid they will judge you in some way. Pick two friends, acquaintances, or people in the street and tell them something about your business. You don’t have to give a presentation just something simple. “Hi, I am working with small business owners that want to get better results. Do you know anyone I can talk to?”

Make a video or do Facebook live

Videos are the best way to promote your business. It is so easy to make a video now using your smartphone. Practice making short videos to post on Youtube (you can always keep it private). After you get better at it, you can do Facebook live!

Do something new

What are you avoiding because you don’t know how to do it? What would happen if you tried and failed? For some reason, we think if we can’t do something perfectly the first time then we shouldn’t even try. Everyone starts at the beginning.

Maybe you could take a dance class. Of course, you may have two left feet but you aren’t trying to be in a professional dance group! What if you practice and you love it! Take a painting class. It may be just the creative outlet you need to clear your head. Who cares if you are good at it! Try fixing something that is broken.


Get out of your comfort zone. Write down how it made you feel. Make a habit of doing something every day that makes you feel uncomfortable.   You will be surprised that you will begin getting comfortable with uncomfortable.

What makes you uncomfortable that is keeping you from getting results? What small micro commitment could you make to begin to get out of your comfort zone?

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7 Goal Setting Tools to Help You Track Goals

I have always made my goals the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper. Although, pen and paper are still my preferred way to establish my goals, I like to brainstorm ideas before I write the final goal.

I have found that online tools make it easy to keep track of your goals and habits. Most of us have access to technology all of the time. It can be a fun and motivate you to keep up with goals and habits on a daily basis. By using technology, I feel more accountable for achieving them. These online tools can also make goal setting fun and easy. When it is fun you are more likely to stick to it.

Here are some of the software and apps that I have discovered. I am currently using some of the programs.

1. Goal-Buddy – This cloud-based software allows you to name, set and manage your goals easily. There is a step by step process that helps you write S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely) goals. After you set your goals you can track your process.

2. Mint –This cloud based software also has a phone app. It is made by Intuit(Quickbooks) which is a leading business books company. If you need to get control over your finances, want to set up goals such as establishing a six-month emergency savings account, start a business and other goals, you can use this software to track your financial success and projections.

4. Intuit(Quickbooks) Self Employed- this is a cloud based software made by the same company as Mint. If you are self-employed this is a good software and app to keep track of your business expenses, invoices, estimated taxes, and mileage. The mileage tracking app works on your phone and will track your mileage while you are driving.
click the link for half off for the first 6 months

5. Basecamp – This is really a project management system, but any goal has to have actionable steps involved or milestones and tasks to take to reach success. You can use Basecamp for any project that needs to be broken into steps. You can use this with your personal or business life.

5. GoalsOnTrack – This software has features that help you “chunk down” any goal into reasonable and easy-to-follow steps. You can keep track of daily habits and action items you set to achieve your goals. They also have a vision board feature. You can choose some of the preloaded pictures or upload your own.

Link – http://www.goalsontrack.com/

6. Goalscape – If you are a visual person you will like Goalscape. I goal scape you can see your goals in pictures, charts and graphs. You’ll create a Wheel of Life with your goal in the middle and everything you need to do to reach the goal will circle it. So you can see it in one glance.

7. Smart Goals Templates – Here are some free goals setting templates. You can fill in the blanks using goal setting steps for personal and business.

It doesn’t really matter what goals setting tool you use. The important thing is that you have a way to visualize your goals, have steps to achieve them and a way to keep track of your progress.

Do you have a favorite way to keep track of your goals? What is your biggest challenge when it comes to achieving goals?

(some of the links may be affiliate links, which means I may get a commission if you use the link to purchase. Some of the links are just products I like or think you may like.)


6 questions to ask when you are setting goals

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6 biggest goal setting mistakes people make

How many times have you made a list of New years resolution with great intentions to achieve them? By the middle of February, you are back to doing what you have always done. In fact, you may not even remember the goals you have set for yourself. Most people have great intentions when they set goals but achieving them is another story. I use to set goals at the beginning of the year and then look at them at the end of the year. There were times I had forgotten I had some of those goals. The majority of people make several goal setting mistakes that prevent them from achieving them.

Setting goals that are not specific enough.

Using S.M.A.R.T. goals is a good way to set goals that are specific. S.M.A.R.T. goal is defined as one that is specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time-bound

The goal time frame of the goals is to far away.

It is hard to work on a goal that is to be achieved in 5 years. Having long term goals are great but you need to break the larger goal into actionable steps. I find that making a 12-week goal is a good amount of time to set and achieve the goal. I can see how I am going to accomplished the goal

They don’t take action.

You can set all the goals you want but if you don’t take action you cant achieve it. No one ever ran a marathon from the couch. To be successful at goal setting you need to take consistent action to achieve them.

They lose focus.

If you set a goal you need to keep it top of mind to achieve them. To do that you have to review your goals daily. Some people will read them every morning or have an accountability partner that they must answer to about the goals.

They have not developed consistent habits for success.

To achieve goals you must take consistent daily action, reflect on the day so you can make changes for the next day. Take time every day to discuss the goals

They can’t visualize accomplishing the goal.

It’s important to be able to see our goals. One way is to have a vision board with pictures of how your life will look like when you achieve the goal. Another way is to sit and visualize your goals each day. As you begin working on the goal your vision will be clearer.

 5 ways you can be successful with goal setting so you can achieve your dreams.

  1. Write all of your goals down and review them daily.
  2. Make an action plan to achieve your goals. I like to do 12 week plans. It is short enough to give me a sense of urgency but long enough I can achieve something
  3. Take consistent action. Do something daily
  4. Get an accountability partner.
  5. Hire a coach that will help you work through your blocks to achieving your goals.


I have used GOALS ON TRACK to help me keep on track. It is a good way to monitor the habits for success and to make sure you have your goals top of mind. I also have everything written down on paper but I think having it in a variety of formats it helps me. (this is an affiliate link. I only suggest products that I have used)

Which of these mistakes have you made setting goals? You can leave a comment below.

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7 Books Every Entrepreneur Must Read

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur then reading is an invaluable daily habit. Most successful people have a habit of reading a personal growth or business book for 15-30 minutes a day. Reading will help push your through tough times and teach you how to change your mindset to a success mindset. Entrepreneurship requires a unique learning process.  As your business grows you will need to grow and the best way to grow is through personal growth.

Here are some of my favorite books.     

The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs  by Hal Elrod and Cameron Herold

This is a great book that gives six daily practices to maintain positive change in your life. These daily practices help you keep the balance between your personal and business life. You learn that taking care of yourself and having balance is essential for success and happiness. If you don’t take care of yourself then your business suffers.

Favorite Quote-“Love the life you have while you create the life of your dreams. Don’t think you have to wait for the latter to do the former.”

7 Habits of Highly Effective People By Stephen Covey

Stephen Covey, a respected leadership authority, gives a blueprint on how to balance your personal and professional together. If you are looking for a way to be more effective at home and at work, this is a great book. He uses examples that are business and from family situations.

Covey teaches “Put First Things First” When I first read this book I worked full time and had 2 small children. Planning my weeks so that I was putting my most important things done was key to keeping me sane and making progress toward my goals.

This is a book that you will want to reread every year.  

Favorite  Quote”The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities”

The Power of Habit by Charles  Duhigg

Duhigg explains the positive impact habits can have on our productivity, happiness and relationships. He explains why habits exist and how you can change them. He discusses the science behind habits and how they can rewire your brain.

Favorite Quote- “The more you focus, the more that focus becomes a habit.

Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuk

If you have a hobby that you wish you could do all day then this is the time to Crush It. It is time to cash in on your passion and make a living doing what you love. If you want to translate your love into an online business this book is a must read. He explains how important it is to develop a personal brand. 

Favorite Quote – “Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.”

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership By John Maxwell

John Maxwell has written over 25 books on leadership and has trained leaders in many countries. In this book he gives you the key to being a successful leader. He compiled the top leadership skills he has learned over the years teaching leadership.  He has interviewed leaders in all industries and the lessons he has learned. If you want to lead others this book is a must.

Biggest take away- People will follow who they know and trust. In business people will buy from who they know and trust.    

Favorite Quote

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Good relationships are the foundation of a successful business, and that’s what makes this book a great read for small business owners. You’ll learn techniques for enhancing both professional and personal relationships while increasing your self-esteem.

Favorite Quote-If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy. 

Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

As one of the best-selling self-help books of all time, first written in 1937, Napoleon Hill continues challenge readers to improve their lives — and their businesses — through positive thinking. Anything your mind can conceive and believe- you can achieve.

Favorite Quote-  “Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”  

What book should I add to this list?

Tell me why you love it?


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Daily Goals will Keep You in a Success Mindset

What are your long term goals?
It could be to start a successful business, increase revenue or get in shape.

Now, what is your daily goal?

Most of us don’t focus on our daily goals. But daily goals are much more important than your long-term goals. Long term goals are often vague and seem too far away. It is hard to stay focused and motivated to work toward them.  Daily goals keep you motivated moving forward to achieve your goals.

Even if you have a ‘specific target’ like losing 20 lbs in a year, this is still much too broad and vague. Losing weight is dependent on many factors that are out of your control. If it is too far away, it is difficult to stay focused on the goal. If you set out to lose it in a year, you have lots of excuses not to start today.

The same is for any business goal. It is easy to say I will start working on that tomorrow, after all, I have a year to achieve it.

Having daily goals will make it easier to achieve your long-term goal.

Start with a vision – a very abstract vision or idea of what you want – and then break that down into the smallest possible steps that you can execute every day or every week. I usually start with planning 12 weeks out and then work backward. What do I want to achieve in 12 weeks? Then what is the smallest thing I can do each day to achieve that goal.

If you are trying to lose weight you can break that down to eliminating a particular snack or going for a 15 min run. They are small goals but you are more likely to keep that goal.

If you are trying to promote your online business you might write 15 min a day so that you always have fresh content. That’s a small goal but it’s perfect for sticking to because it is completely within your control.

If you don’t run or write for 15 min it is in your control but you can start again tomorrow.

If you keep accomplishing those smaller daily goals, they eventually add up. Eventually, you manage that big goal.
And the same goes for every other type of objective too.

  What is the one thing you can do consistently that will move you toward your goal? 

I use Goals on Track online software and phone app to keep track of my goals. It is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Check it out HERE


I promote books and services I have used with affiliate links.


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Change Your Mindset, Change Your life

There are many beliefs about the secret to success. Some claim that the secret is motivation, ambition and being positive. While all of those things contribute to success the most critical component to success is to have a burning desire.

Desire Comes From Within

It seems obvious that if you are going to be successful that you should want to be a success. But some of us think if we put in the long hours that success will happen. But if you really dont want to climb the ladder or grow a business it probably won’t happen. You will be competing against people that want it more than you.

You can’t have motivation without desire. It is the desire that keeps your eye on the end goal and keeps the fire in you to keep working. It is the desire that will keep you working toward the end goal even if you have not had a lot of success initially.

I remember reading a book that talked about finding your heart’s desire. At the time I was involved in a part time business that was not particularly successful. As I listened to the book I realized that my business was not working because I did not have my heart into it. I wanted the financial rewards but did not want the business. For me financial success was not enough, I needed to want to do the business. Desire is what keeps you awake at night.

First your desire needs to be realistic, and second, your desire needs to be concrete. A desire to be a ballet dancer for example probably is only going to end with disappointment if you were born with two left feet, and a desire to ‘be more successful’ is an abstract aim that’s really quite subjective.

How to Find Your Desire

If you are struggling to know what your desire is, then think of your life now as it is.

What do you want your life to look like in 5 and 10 years? What do you love doing? What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? Now think of how your life would look if you had everything the way you want it. Write everything down. How can you get to your desired life? What is one thing you can do today to move you closer to your desire?

You may not have an ideal job or career that is important, but you want to make more money to travel. Is the desire big enough to work hard move up in your career or to have a second job?

You may want to stay at home with your kids, but you need to make enough money to stay home. Is the desire to stay home big enough to keep you motivated to work from home or do you also need to need to be satisfied with your work?

What if You Have the Desire but Still no Success?

Desire is one of the most important components of success but if you don’t believe you can succeed, then you won’t. Your subconscious mind feeds your conscious mind continually. If you keep telling yourself negative thoughts such as I are not good enough, I can’t be successful, or I don’t have a business brain your conscious mind will believe it. You have to feed your subconscious mind with positive statements.

Daily Affirmations

If you want to change your mindset, you know you have to have a desire, but you also need to believe. Belief in yourself can change with daily affirmations. Successful people get up every morning and say aloud positive affirmations such as:

I make enough money to live the life I want
I am meet all of my productivity goals each week
I run faster everyday
I am energetic and can accomplish my goals
I am patient with my children

What affirmations can you say to yourself to change your mindset?

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5 Ways Positive Thinking Supports Quality Of Life

 When my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis nearly 28 years ago I found it hard to remain positive. We had 2 babies to care for and he was not able to work. I was stressed and very overwhelmed. The more I dwelled on what was wrong with my life the more overwhelmed I became. I started to be more positive and my outlook started to change.

Thinking positively doesn’t mean that you keep your head in the sand and ignore the less fortunate aspects of life. Instead, it means that you can approach the unpleasant situations in your life in a more productive way. It means that you can anticipate there being a good outcome, instead of fixating on the outcome being negative.

For example, instead of thinking about all the things you wish were better begin thinking about all the things that are good about your life. There were days that the only things I could put on that list was that I had 2 beautiful kids, and the sun was warm on my face. Instead of being upset that no one is communicating with you, you tell yourself that you will start the conversation with others, and you do it.

Thinking positive benefits your life in a multitude of ways. Below is a list of five ways thinking positively can help your quality of life.

Positive Thinkers Are Healthier – Not only do those who think positively feel healthier but research as shown that they are healthier. A recent Harvard School of Public Health study has found that positive thinking, such as self-acceptance and positive relations with others, is linked to improved heath health.

Another study had also shown that when a first-year law student was more optimistic, they could fight off infection more efficiently and could take fewer sick days as a result.

Positive Thinkers See Failures As A New Start – A positive thinker knows that a failure is not the end, but rather the beginning of something great. When we are stuck in a negative thinking cycle, we are going to fixate on negative possibilities and be trapped by the fear of failure. On the other hand, a positive thinker is going to be willing to consider the future and be open to new ideas, new experiences, and new possibilities, and is also going to be prepared to move toward those ideas expecting to experience great things.

Positive Thinkers Don’t Freak Out Over The Small Stuff – According to a study that was conducted at Quebec’s Concordia University, those who think positively produce less cortisol. Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, and when you produce less of the hormone, your body doesn’t react as strongly to stressful situations, by nature, being able to think positively means that you are less likely to be stressed out over things that would stress a negative thinker out.

Positive Thinkers Get More Job Offers – A study conducted by Duke University examined a group of MBA graduates entering the workforce, half of the subjects had a positive outlook and believed that their success was inevitable, and the rest of the subjects were much less hopeful and optimistic. Researchers concluded that the positive group not only were hired more often, but also enjoyed more job satisfaction, had higher salaries and were also promoted more frequently than the more negative thinking subjects were.

Positive Thinkers Are Better Athletes – There is no proof that a positive thinker has more muscle mass or a greater athletic ability than a pessimist does, however having a more optimistic outlook and using negative criticism to motivate action seems to help athletes excel.

A study out of Penn Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania examined the effect of optimism and pessimism on swimmers. The study gave swimmers a false time when they had been instructed to swim their hardest, adding several seconds onto their time.

Those who were positive thinkers used the negative feedback as motivation to get an even faster time on their next swim, while those who thought negatively performed more poorly than their original time.

If you aren’t an optimist, this doesn’t mean that you are sentenced to a life riddled with poor health, no promotions, and an unhappy relationship. Optimism is a skill that can be learned, which means that you too can reap the benefits of positive thinking, all you must do is put forth a little bit of effort.

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