Daily Goals will Keep You in a Success Mindset

What are your long term goals?
It could be to start a successful business, increase revenue or get in shape.

Now, what is your daily goal?

Most of us don’t focus on our daily goals. But daily goals are much more important than your long-term goals. Long term goals are often vague and seem too far away. It is hard to stay focused and motivated to work toward them.  Daily goals keep you motivated moving forward to achieve your goals.

Even if you have a ‘specific target’ like losing 20 lbs in a year, this is still much too broad and vague. Losing weight is dependent on many factors that are out of your control. If it is too far away, it is difficult to stay focused on the goal. If you set out to lose it in a year, you have lots of excuses not to start today.

The same is for any business goal. It is easy to say I will start working on that tomorrow, after all, I have a year to achieve it.

Having daily goals will make it easier to achieve your long-term goal.

Start with a vision – a very abstract vision or idea of what you want – and then break that down into the smallest possible steps that you can execute every day or every week. I usually start with planning 12 weeks out and then work backward. What do I want to achieve in 12 weeks? Then what is the smallest thing I can do each day to achieve that goal.

If you are trying to lose weight you can break that down to eliminating a particular snack or going for a 15 min run. They are small goals but you are more likely to keep that goal.

If you are trying to promote your online business you might write 15 min a day so that you always have fresh content. That’s a small goal but it’s perfect for sticking to because it is completely within your control.

If you don’t run or write for 15 min it is in your control but you can start again tomorrow.

If you keep accomplishing those smaller daily goals, they eventually add up. Eventually, you manage that big goal.
And the same goes for every other type of objective too.

  What is the one thing you can do consistently that will move you toward your goal? 

I use Goals on Track online software and phone app to keep track of my goals. It is a great way to keep yourself accountable. Check it out HERE


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