5 things to do when you feel your are not good enough


What if you are not good enough?

Why would anyone hire someone that is new in the business? There are so many people better than me.What if someone finds out what I don’t know? Do you find yourself not pursuing a new client or opportunity because you don’t think you are good enough?

When I started my first professional job as an Occupational Therapist I felt inadequate. I wondered how was I going to be as good as other therapists with more experience. Why would someone want to hire me when there were people much more qualified that they could hire.  I worked with a wise woman who had been working in the field for many years. She reminded me that I still knew more than clients that I was serving.  She suggested that  I get a mentor and learn as much as much as I could.  I have started many new ventures over the years and I always remembered her words.

Anytime you start a new career or business you will find people that are more experienced than you. They may seem to catch on quicker, they are liked by everyone, and everything seems to come easily to them. 

 We spend so much time beating ourselves up. You can’t compare yourself to other people. There are no two people that are the same. We all have different experiences that shape our personality and skills. Chances are those same people you are comparing yourself to have had similar feelings about their skills. They may be comparing themselves to someone they feel is achieving more than they are.  The next time you feel like someone’s  stronger, healthier, more accomplished, then do the following things.

Start Exercising

It might seem like an odd first step but it works. When you exercise your mood will be boosted and you’ll start feeling better about yourself. Exercise releases endorphins which are the feel-good chemicals that make you feel good. You all have a feeling of accomplishment and will begin to have better self-esteem.

Improve yourself

Start taking action. If you think someone is more fit than start exercising. If you feel like that someone is a better speaker than practice speaking if someone is better at making videos and start making videos. You are not going to get better by just wishing you were better.  To be good at anything you must have a growth mindset. 

Remind Yourself of Your Strengths

What are your unique characteristics and strengths?Are you compassionate, organized, a problem solver, good at brainstorming, a sense of humor, great at making forms, good at storytelling, etc? Make a list and review this list daily. The more you remind yourself of your strengths the better you will become. You will begin focusing on what you are good at and not what you struggle with. Someone out there needs your unique strengths.

Get a mentor

Successful people all have great mentors. They look for people that they admire and spend time learning from them. If you are feeling not good enough then look for someone better than you and learn from them. Ask great questions when you are with them. Follow their advice and when you go back to see them tell them what you have done.

Hire a coach

A coach can help you work through your insecurities about yourself. You probably have great skills but just can’t see them. Most of us tell ourselves that we are not good enough, and if,  you tell yourself that long enough you begin to believe it. A coach can help you break through those barriers. 


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