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What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is ideal for anyone who is motivated to improve health and well-being.

As an Health Coach, I am trained and skilled in the process of health behavior change. My role in your change process is to work in partnership with you to set goals, unlock your limitations and take actions to achieve and maintain health-supporting behaviors. My approach is based on principles of behavior change, like clearly defined goals, small steps, repetition, and personal accountability.

Is It Right For Me?
Health Coaching works for clients ready to make behavior or lifestyle choices that will improve their health.

Clients who are committed to success in adapting new strategies for stress management, nutrition or a movement program will find coaching very helpful in formulating a road map for change.

In addition, clients who are in a health crisis, major life transition or struggling with a chronic illness may use coaching to explore self care, interior balance and self management as additional healing strategies.

I will help you implement the lifestyle changes that will push you to reach your goals. A health coach is for anyone who wants to change, is ready to face the challenges 

of overturning bad habits, and anyone who is ready to succeed.

With my guiding hand, you can build paths to manage chronic disease, lose weight and keep it off, get your routines and priorities in sync.

NOTE: I am not a dietitian or doctor. I will not prescribe a diet or supplements.

Take action today if you want to create the life you want in the future.

Whether you have a health specific goal or looking to take your goals to the next level this program will be tailored to your specific needs. During the program you will explore your physical, mental and emotional limits while developing the skills to help you actualize your full potential.

Who Can Benefit From Health Coaching?

Struggling with weight management?

Diets don’t work. If they did, we’d know it by now and wouldn’t still be talking about it. Do you want to find your healthy weight and stay there? I don’t prescribe one size fits all way of eating and I don’t believe in quick fixes. I can help you learn to make healthy lifestyle changes so you can lose weight and maintain it.

Do you have chronic illness?

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis and obesity can make it difficult to make healthy choices. I can help you make sense of all of the overwhelming issues so you can start managing your health.

Are you stressed and overwhelmed?

We spend so much time caring for others we forget to take care of ourselves. Maybe you are caring for a spouse, parent or grandchild. How can you start taking care of yourself so you can enjoy the little things again.

You want more energy.

You know you need to exercise but just don’t have the energy to get moving. Lets work together to make a exercise plan that is right for you.

What Clients Are Saying

"My goal was to lose weight. I have tried most diets. I can lose weight but never had a plan for eating healthy after the diet was over. I found out that weight loss was not just about eating. I didn’t know that poor sleep made it hard to lose weight. I feel great and sleep better."
Cathy S.
"Julia is professional and easy to talk to. She listened to me and helped me develop a plan that I could do. When I felt like giving up she would remind me of my goals and keep me accountable."
Rosie M.

Your life is more important than you may believe